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Eugene Perma Blush Satine 100 ml...
Eugene Perma Blush Satine 100 ml...
Eugene Perma Blush Satine 100 ml Châtain Clair Doré

Eugene Perma Blush Satine 100 ml Châtain Clair Doré

Brand: Eugene Perma - SKU Code: EP007CSCD

Eugene Perma Blush Satine Toning Colouring is an AMMONIA-FREE, oxygen-free, satin effect colouring, excellent for masking grey hair.

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Product description

Ready-to-use product.

Apply to washed and towel-dried hair, leave on for 15/30 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with water only.

Hair toner is a product based on pure pigments to be used on lightened or coloured hair. The substances used to colour or bleach hair start to take effect as soon as they lift the cuticles and strip them of their natural pigments, leaving the fibre weakened, very sensitive and fragile. In order to avoid unhealthy and unattractive hair, this type of high-efficiency direct colouring can be used.

It has the power to act on pigmentation, preventing the hair from looking very weakened, drained and dull.

To achieve an impeccable and long-lasting result, this toning agent must be applied at every wash.

Choosing the right shade is not complicated. Those who have had their hair subjected to balayage, highlights and degradé should opt for a shade of colour which is as close as possible to the lighter strands. If you use uniform colours, you should consider the base colour.

It is immediately ready to use and contains no ammonia or oxygen. Perfect for masking the first grey hair, it gives a satin finish and leaves hair soft and beautiful to look at.

BULSH SATINE can also be used on hair that has not undergone any specific treatment. In this case it will add highlights that are pleasant to look at or correct the base colour without having too invasive an effect.

Toning agents are ammonia-free and the colour they provide disappears gradually after about 8-10 washes. The product in question cannot be chosen to lighten but rather to add brightness and vigour. It is excellent for example for warming up blond tones or for creating pleasant golden or auburn highlights on brown hair.

Thanks to its nuances of grey, it is an excellent remedy for men who want to disguise white, thanks to its application we will have an excellent result where grey will be more intense and white will turn grey.

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