Cella Milano

Cella Milano was founded in 1899 in the bustling city of Milan, when cafés and theatres were the meeting places for gentlemen with perfectly shaven faces and upturned moustaches, as was the fashion of the time. The first "Casa Cella" promptly responded to the needs of that time, with a careful selection of products for beard and hair care - brilliantine, soap and perfume. The beard salon became the new place where ritual and socialisation met.

And it is soap that is Cella Milano's flagship product, thanks to its master soapmakers who, over the years, have perfected an inimitable production protocol: carefully selected ingredients, slow cooking in a steam boiler and "seasoning" for a few weeks to allow the concentration of active ingredients.

Cella Milano, a story in the history of barbering.

Cella Milano encompasses all the research of excellence with a proposal of products for men both for shaving and for the care of beard and moustache: pre-shaving gels, creams and shaving soaps, aftershave as well as oils and shampoos for cleansing. Cella Milano products offer a true wellness experience that involves body and mind.

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