Crazy Color

Crazy colour was launched in 1977, in the middle of the punk rock explosion, and has been loved around the world ever since. In each iconic pink bottle you can find a vibrant colour. Vamp, Fire, Amplify, Pinkissimo, etc..

Crazy Color, a plant-based colouring cream created by Renbow (UK, London) for those who want bright, vibrant colours on natural hair or coloured or bleached hair.

Crazy Color does not damage the hair (it is completely free of ammonia and derivatives), but nourishes and regenerates it because it is a plant-based cream. Hair after colouring is better, softer, healthier and hydrated.

Crazy Color is for you if you want...

A bright, bold colour on bleached hair

Add shine, colour and energy to natural/coloured hair

A touch of colour and light on light hair

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