Woody's men's products are perfect for beard styling, dedicated to the sophisticated and fashionable man.

Si sa che una barba curata, morbida e soffice, perfettamente districata e disciplinata, è il tratto distintivo di un outift trendy e alla moda.

Especially in the last few seasons, when bearcuts are becoming more defined and beards are being worn long and fluffy, it is essential to look after them with some prestigious, quality products.

Woody's line is characterised by natural ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil and panthenol, which are emollient and moisturising, for proper hair care.

A beautiful beard is guaranteed by a healthy epidermis, free from pimples and boils: Woody's products guarantee the best hydration and an ideal treatment that nourishes in depth without weighing down and making it greasy.

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