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Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System Kit Bleaching Tips
Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System Kit Bleaching Tips

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System Kit Bleaching Tips

Brand: Matrix - SKU Code: MTX195 - EAN: 884486349613

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Protecting System Travel Kit,

designed to protect and preserve the beauty of the hair during chemical treatments. 

8 Performances in 1:

Helps protect sulfur bonds after bleaching,maintains optimal tone height,does not alter habits,does not require extra time,helps prevent hair breakage,helps preserve hair fibre cohesion,deeply nourishes,visibly fortifies hair.

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Product description

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System Kit during Bleaching


Bond Ultim8 prevents hair breakage during bleaching processes and protects sulphur bonds over time. Bond Ultim8 provides 8 benefits in one product.


The box contains: 

1 Bond Ultim8 Amplifier Step 1, 125ml

1 Bond Ultim8 Sealer Step 2. 250ml

Syringe applicator


1. Helps protect sulphur bonds after lightening

2. Maintains lightening power

3. Does not alter habits

4. Does not require extra setting time

5. Helps prevent hair breakage

6. Helps preserve the cohesion of the hair fibres

7. Nourishes in depth

8. Visibly strengthens the hair




Mix your colour or bleach as usual.

Add 4ml of STEP 1 for every 15g of bleaching powder or 60g of colour in the mix. Use 8ml of STEP 1 when mixing 30gr or more of bleaching powder for foil lightening.

Apply the bleach or colour as usual.

Rinse the bleach or colour out of the hair - do not apply shampoo. Blot with a towel. Proceed with STEP 2 Sealant.


After using STEP 1, rinse bleach or colour from hair. Do not apply shampoo.

Massage 15-30ml of STEP 2 depending on the density and length of the hair from roots to ends. Distribute with a comb. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Rinse hair. Proceed with Bond Ultim8 STEP 3 Sealing Treatment.

More detailed instructions in the leaflet inside the box.

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