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Wella Professionals EIMI Oil Spritz...
Wella Professionals EIMI Oil Spritz 95ml - Styling Oil

Wella Professionals EIMI Oil Spritz 95ml - Styling Oil

Brand: Wella Professionals - SKU Code: WEL172 - EAN: 3614226738110

Wella EIMI Oil Spritz 95ml - styling oil


Shape and create with this lightweight oil spray. Protects against UV rays, giving hair a natural shine and anti-static effect.


On damp hair, spray evenly over mid-lengths and ends and air-dry or blow-dry. You can apply the product as a finish to dry hair for instant shine.

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Product description

Wella Eimi Oil Spritz Styling 95 ml Achieve the style you want. Do it with Eimi's formulas and if you're looking for shine today for your look, choose Eimi Wella Oil Spritz Styling 95 ml, an oil-based styling spray for tamed and shiny hair. Ideal for all types of hair, even rebellious, medium or long, the formula of Eimi Wella Oil Spritz Styling is designed to shape, create and illuminate. Based on oil in a spray, with an impalpable mixture that is very light on the hair, it first of all tames frizz with an excellent anti-static effect that makes the locks docile even before shaping them. It then helps you shape, create lines and contours for beautiful looks and a healthy look. A hold level of 1 ensures controlled movement that remains flexible and natural. As natural as the shine its illuminating technology gives your hair for a healthy, beautiful look. Its formula, which is gentle on the fibre, leaves the hair visibly healthy, shiny, soft and shaped as you wish. It is also designed to protect the stem from UV rays and the damage they cause: like an invisible, impalpable shield with shaping power, it keeps the vitality of the strands alive while preserving the correct level of moisture and structural body. Eimi Wella Oil Spritz Styling is a product loved by professionals and not only because, besides its effectiveness in styling and the brilliance of the result, it is easy to apply, non-greasy and non-sticky.

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